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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making money with a blog

As many of you that will be reading this article have noticed, it is not an easy thing to do. All the bloggers out there promise you that if you read their site and read how they have done it, you to will be able to make a fortune with blogging.

Well, I am usually an extremely positive guy. Making money with blogging however takes time. Once your blog is well known then maybe you have a million readers a month with a percenttage of the readers clicking on your ads. This will bring in the money. It will take time though.

So my question is this. What can I do right now to bring more traffic to my site right now? Anyone have the answer to that yet?

Adsense is making me dollars right now as I am writing this article, however it is a slow revenue and one that will only increase with the amount of people reading my blog. It will also only really increase when the number of readers expand exponentially.

So the bottom line is this. It seems that only time itself will get you the readership you require in order to monetize your blog or site. The only other thing that might speed up the process is if you discover something so phenomenal that other people just have to see at all costs what you have done.

My quest is for that unique finding that will make everybody flock to my blog. Until then I will post these mundane little messages in the hope that it will attract enough readers so that when a percentage click on my goodle ads, it actually amounts to something.