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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anonymous flaming - Bunch of cowards!

I have been browsing through many blogs and sites where comments on articles are allowed. It is extremely sad to see how many anonymous cowards there are out there. good articles seems to draw them like moths to a candle. It is the lowest form of scum that flames someone anonymously. Have the guts to stand up for what you really feel then. If you feel it was a totally %^&%^& article then at least have the guts to say so in public and attach your name to it, otherwise it is a total waste and just ends up making people negative to reporting and telling things the way they are. If the person that wrote the article took the trouble to investigate certain issues or report on certain issues then surely you SHOULD feel free to comment on it. But do it with your name and then we might see less inflammatory remarks than what we currently see.

People tend to easily become clowns when wearing clown masks, so if you are wearing an idiot mask then it seems to be abundantly clear that you will end up writing idiotic inflammatory remarks.

What a load of cowards. Extremely irritating, yet so extremely useless.