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Friday, January 6, 2012
Open Source DragonFly II STM32 ARM MCU

Click here to go to http://dragonflymcu.com

Evaluation board.

Click here to view the User Manual for the DragonFly II

With example code compiled on CooCox

• STM32F103RBT6 Arm Cortex MCU @ 72 MHz.
• On Chip RTC With Battery.
• 3 USARTS ( Com Ports ), COM1 can be TTL or RS232.
• Boot Mode selectable.
• Can be programmed through SWD 3 wire interface or via COM1 RS232.
• Many available I/O port bits including ADC Channels, CAN bus etc.
• Power supply can be 3.3V without onboard regulator or with onboard regulator input must
 be between 5V to 7V.
• Micro SD Card for data storage.
• 2 row 20 pin connector with standard 2.54mm spacing pins ( 40 pin socket ).
• Supplied with source code examples including working example of FAT FS in C.
• All examples compiled with free CooCox IDE with CodeSourcery.

The DragonFly MCU is one of the few small 40 pin DIP socket STM32 MCU modules that has an
onboard micro SD socket.

There is a wealth of information on the internet about the STMicroelectronics www.st.com/stm32/

This powerful yet cheap 32 bit microcontroller can be used in many applications from control to data

The DragonFly MCU is intended to be an easy start for beginners or hobbyist but the module can also
be incorporated into a user end product.

CooCox with Code Sourcery was chosen as it is completely free and easy to use for beginners to get
started using the STM32.

Several complete C code examples are supplied with the module that can be imported and compiled
with CoIDE out of the box and run as is or modified by the user.