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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

·         Our company offers a unique, Professional Anti-Slip Treatment, suitable for most hard surfaces

·         Our product is called IntellaTread and has been on the South African Market for 10 years

·         IntellaTread is a unique and secret 8 compound formula that is a treatment and NOT a surface coating;  a chemical process that increases the coefficient of friction on a tile floor or a porcelain bathtub

·         IntellaTread is not a surface coating and cannot discolour, deteriorate or peel  

·         IntellaTread can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, granite, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock, concrete, quarry tile etc.

·         When surfaces become wet or moist, those surfaces are automatically skid and slip resistant, when treated with IntellaTread

·         The SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) for the surface treated with our product is above 0.50

o   As adopted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)

§  .60 or above       -              Very Safe

§  .50 to .59              -              Relatively Safe

§  .40 to .49              -              Dangerous

§  .35 to .39              -              Very Dangerous

§  .00 to .34              -              Highly Dangerous

o   The Ceramic Tile Institute identifies tile in three categories:

§  .60 or above       -              Slip Resistant

§  .50 to .59              -              Conditionally Slip Resistant

§  Less than .50      -              Dangerous

·         We offer a 2-5 year Guarantee on our product -  baths & showers a Lifetime Guarantee


Our Product  is being used by the following companies in the USA, amongst others:

·           American Express                            . IBM

·           Disneyworld                                       . Kodak

·           GM Corp.                                            . McDonald’s

·           Hewlett Packard                               . Motorola

·           Holiday Inn                                         . Rolex

·           Sheraton Hotels                               . 7-Eleven

·           LaQuinta Hotels                                . Sony

·           Woolworth Company                     . Toyota

Here are some local testimonials:

“ We would like to thank you for your time and demonstration of your product. The “slippery when wet” tiles are a thing of the past and it has turned what I thought would be a

nightmarish problem into a thing of the past!

Dave Hooey, Murray & Roberts, IntellaTread Application to Mr. Nelson Mandela’s House

“ After endless problems with customers slipping in the shop due to water dripping from the aircon and during rainy days, we decided to apply IntellaTread. I can honestly

say that this product is of very high quality and can be recommended to anybody in industry. We have had no incidents of customers slipping after IntellaTread has been


Manager, La Lucia Engen Service Station.

“ We have just had IntellaTread applied to risk areas of the Bantry Bay Resort. I thought it might be appropriate to inform you of our total satisfaction with the

application to-date. The efficient and professional manner in which the work was carried out whilst normal operations continued was most welcome. Many of our

guests have already noted the improved non-slip areas where IntellaTread was applied.”

General Manager, Bantry Bay International Vacation Resort.

“ Just a short note to thank you for the professional service and results which you delivered in slip - proofing my tiles. Your product has provided us with incredible

peace of mind as we no longer have to worry about little Sabrina slipping on tiles when running between the swimming pool and the sundeck.”

Attorney Gary Van Wyk, Heads Brown & Van Wyk.

“ We have two types of tiles in our hospital. The one was extremely slippery when wet. We use a lot of water for cleaning. This made the floors very dangerous for our

staff and other people. We wanted to replace these tiles with non-slip tiles. After treatment with IntellaTread the wet tiles are safe to walk on. This saved us replacing the

slippery tiles, I can recommend this treatment as very successful.”

Raad de Waal, Blue Cross Vet Hospital.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous difference you made on our flooring using your IntellaTread product. We are more than pleased with the

results, our floors are now no longer slippery when wet.”

BP - Rosemead.

“I certify that Royal Cape have had their showers treated by IntellaTread and are well satisfied with the non-slip texture and results achieved.”

General Manager, Royal Cape Golf Club.

We will appreciate you considering us for a demo and future business.
Kind regards,

Rehan Celliers                        
Anti-Slip When Wet Specialists

Managing Director                             
Tel:       +27 87 230 5893       

Cell:      +27 81 332 6057                  
Fax:      +27 86 618 0172