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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zig Ziglar - What an amazing personality

I love reading books about successful people and I love to hear stories of people who aspire to amazing things in life. It is so awesome to be able to spend a few minutes listening to someone who really knows a thing or two about life. It is a moment in time that I grant myself in order to learn something which took others maybe many years to learn. It is a gift unto myself when I do this.

I play guitar, I have spent thousands of hours learning guitar and it is so interesting to note that the people I have taught and that were willing to put in hours and hours just doing what I had showed them, pass me by in a ridiculously short time. I have taught them within hours something that took me years to perfect. Somehow I manage to switch something on in them that may have been lying dormant or may just have needed a bit of a push to get them started. But it is really surprising everytime I see how fast people can learn when they are being shown what has taken others many years to learn. It allows them to go forward in leaps and bounds.

What I have noticed though is that they have an ability which I do not possess. They have a feeling for music which I do not possess. I have a technical ability and a love for music but they hear things which I dont. This allows them to take what I have learnt and make it their own and make it much better.

Anyway, I have just had the opportunity of listening to an audio file that was given to me when I registered for the newsletter on Zig Ziglar's site at http://www.zigziglar.com/newsletter.php

It is called Biscuits_Fleas_and_Pump_Handles and has a size of 31.8 MB (it is worth every bit of your bandwidth to download this file after registering)

Do yourself a favour and listen to the message of inspiration on this audio file. I have for number of months now been quoting Zig Ziglar on my facebook daily status update as I enjoy positive messages. I am actually surprised at myself for taking this long to google Zig Ziglar and find out why he is so popular for his sayings. One of his most popular sayings is the following: You can have anything you want in life just as long as you help enough other people get what they want in life.

This is so true and I have lived by it without realising it. It is a way of life for me. I first build bridges with people and then they inevitably build bridges beyond my normal reach. That I think is the secret to success.

This 60 minute recording of one of Zig Ziglar's messages will remain with me as it is a truly motivational message which gives me great hope and I trust that it will be of great meaning in your life as well.