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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Makerstation Guru

I am available for teaching kids and adults alike, how to work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node-Red and various other electronic platforms.

I also consult at http://makerstation.co.za at 9 Plein street, Woodstock in Cape Town. Book online at http://makerstation.co.za

Rapid Prototyping, design, manufacturing and basically taking a product from start to finish.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Udemy course for Template Creator CK

Link to Udemy Course

I have been using Joomla for many years now for all sorts of projects and the one main item that is first on my list for every site that I build is the template that the site will use. I have used many different tools to create these templates and some of the best were Artisteer which is a tool that I purchased (A few versions already) and then latest a tool that is used within the joomla site admin page to build a template called Template Creator CK.

T"his tool gives a hell of a lot for extremely little bit of money, however it is a bit of a deep dive to learn the way it works. A real bonus if you know how it works because it allows you to change anything within the template from within your admin tool.

I was very excited to hear that a young gentleman from South Africa has created a course that shows in detail how to use Template Creator CK. I am truly impressed by the course that is on the Udemy platform. It is professional, concise and shows in very small incremental steps how to use Template Creator CK. Kudos to Andries Bester for his awesome course.

Take a look at the preview of the course and judge for yourself. If you are into creating sites using Joomla and need an awesome Template Creator, then I suggest trying Template Creator CK.

Here is a link to the course. I hope you enjoy it.

Get this course on udemy: Template cretaor CK online course

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

new CD by longjohn - Childhood memories

I am betting that everyone has memories of their childhood, good or bad, the memories usually abound. My memories of my childhood are filled with sound and music from many great artists such as Claude Ciari, Trevor Nasser, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and the list goes on forever.

Ofcourse these sounds helped to form my taste or aversion to some music genres that have lasted till today. Affirmed by the many thousands of times I have listened to the music I love so much as an adult.

 The CD is a tribute to the elderly people that are really the type of people that would love my music. Nowadays kids have a different taste in music and probably have an aversion to the type of music I love and grew to love as a teenager. Here is the link to the CD and I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have loved listening to it over and over as a child.

 johnkweber on soundcloud

- johnkweber
Thursday, February 5, 2015

Create a Website Like Udemy And Sell Your Courses Online

Mathew Tamin is an instructor at UDemy This is an online academy where you can create courses or learn from courses.

I recently joined up and thought I would give it a go. I have been using Joomla for many years now and I thought I knew quite a lot about the power of Joomla. WOW, amazing I start this course as it caught my eye and I was totally amazed at the power of Joomla components. Mathew takes you through every single step of creating your own online school or academy just like UDemy.

Totally amazing. It was a concise course but it told me every single step on how to create my own online school. This is totally amazing that with a small nominal fee I have learned a skill that enables me to start a business today already. It is so easy to use and the cool component that they use allows you to do absolutely no coding and go form zero to hero within 3 hours.

Creating templates can be tricky but after this course it is a snap. Mathew teaches you how to integrate a new template that allows you to change attributes in the template without a single bit of coding. I was totally amazed. 

Go ahead, take a course at UDemy. Hundreds of thousands of course will astound you and take your skill up a notch.

To take your first course click here! 
go to Udemy and enroll for any other course online Online store course
Monday, February 2, 2015

I have just created a new site that is going to be great for the Safari and Outdoor Types (People). Although I consider myself to be a couch potato, the owner of this site at http://kanabosafaris.com are most definitely not. Johann and his wife Sandra Nothnagel have been organising and arranging safaris throughout Africa and Kalahari Jo as Johann is known, personally accompanies you through some of the most amazing safari destination that you will ever have the pleasure of seeing.

Everything that Kalahari Jo organises from the moment you book a safari with Kanabo Safaris to the day that you have completed the tour, is personalised to ensure the best ever. From amenities to events within the tour will be personally planned by Kalahari Jo.

If you are wanting to go on a Safari in Africa or in the Kanabo, which stands for Kalahari, Namibia and Botswana then Kalahari Jo is you one stop shop for all this great action packed adventure.

Kanabo Safaris has also got a list of Guest Houses, Farms and Holiday destinations that have been personally selected and vetted. One of the first things Kalahari Jo assured me of, when he started talking about creating this website was that it was not going to be just another website with places to see and visit that had not been personally vetted or visited by himself. Well now that the site has been created it is one of the amazning things of the site. They have vetted or visited each individual place themselves.

I hope that when you decide to go on Safari that you will consider using Kalahari Jo from Kanabo Safaris at http://kanabosafaris.com

I hope you enjoy this site - johnkweber

Items or articles to be found on this site include:

Kanabo Tourism Services
South African Experience
African Experience
Kanabo Travel and Tourism
Tsamma Routes
Guesthouses / BB / Self Catering
Bed and Breakfast
Self Catering
Private Reserves
Private Reserves & Lodges
Caravan Parks
Camp Sites / Caravan Parks
Kanabo Safaris
Kanabo Stays
SA Experience Calender
Tsamma Routes Calendar
SA Experience
Kanabo Africa
Kalahari Desert Experience
K2B Services
Kanabo ABC - Africa by Bike & Cycle
Kanabo Corporate Services
Kanabo Training for Tourism for Africa (KTTA)
Kanabo Golf In Africa
Tsamma Routes
Kalahari Jo's Clothing and Equipment
Kanabo Conservation Link
Valley of the Elephants
Cape Town and Surrounds
Garden Route and Eastern Cape
Indian to Atlantic
Kalahari Jo's Clothing and Equipment
Kalahari Jo's Clothing and Equipment
About KCL
Kalahari Desert Experience
Valley of the Elephants
Cape Town and Surrounds
Garden Route and Eastern Cape
Indian to Atlantic
Hantam Huis, Calvinia RSA
African Experience Calendar
Elandspoort Bush Camp
Alte Brucke Resort
Camp Itumela
Kalahari Dreams, Strand RSA
Tsahitsi Lodge, Upington RSA
Die Withuis, Grunua Namibia
Molopo Kalahari Lodge
Witput Country Lodge, Hopetown RSA
Hantam Huis
Majorca House, Somerset West RSA
Waterfront Lodge, Knysna RSA
Kleinplasie, Springbok RSA
Little Sossus Lodge
Amanpuri Travel Lodge, Swakopmund Namibia
Grunua Hotel, Namibia
Letsatsi Motel, Vanrhynsdorp RSA
Vischgat Game Lodge
Kranzplatz, Luderitz Namibia
Antelope Park
Fish Eagle Bay Lodge
Draaihoek Lodge
Molopo Kalahari Lodge
Kalahari Rest
Farm Stays
Camp Folly, Ghanzi Botswana
Rouxville Country House
Kanabo Stays
Camps Site / Caravan Parks
Kanabo Southern African Experiences
SA Experience Calender (2)
Private Reserves and Lodges
Private Reserves and Lodges
Antelope Park, Gweru Zimbabwe
Draaihoek Lodge
Fish Eagle Bay Lodge
Kalahari Rest, Kang Botswana
Little Sossus Lodge, Namibia
Molopo Kalahari Lodge, RSA
Farm Stays
Rouxville Country House, Caledon RSA
Alte Brucke Resort, Swakopmund
Bruintjies Kraal, Patensie RSA
Camp Itumela, Palapye Botswana
Elandspoor Bush Camp, Kalahari RSA
Molopo Kalahari Lodge, RSA
Vaalwater Camp, Baviaanskloof RSA
Vleesbaai 4x4 Camp, RSA
Kanabo 2nd Base (K2B)
Valley of the Elephants
Kalahari Desert Experience
Cape Town and Surrounds
Garden Route and Eastern Cape
Kanabo Travel Services
Berrybush Camp, Tshabong Botswana
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Using D3.js to create a treeview for drilling down into problems

I was intrigued by the drilldown method of probing into where a particular problem lay within some structure. Bear in mind that this still needs a method of creating the json file in the correct flare.js type style. I will probably add the php file at a later stage.

The idea is that when facing a lot of data such as messages or other information that you would like to search out where the error might be, this way would show you a color tree based on green for no problem, orange denotes an upcoming issue and red denotes a problem. This way you drill down into the issue and see visually where the issue lies.

This code is taken from a website https://leanpub.com/D3-Tips-and-Tricks/read where a number of tricks are shown how to use D3 javascript library.

I just changed the code according to the chapter in this ebook. A chapter on autostyling nodes:

Here is the code and the json file used to create this demo: Click here for demo

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ThisIsMe.com - Now people can verify who you really are

I had an idea around 5 years ago in which I speculated how nice it would be to be able to go to a bank or any other institution and instead of having to fork out my ID or having to fax any of my personal docs such as utility bills etc in order to verify who I am.

I was rather surprised the other day to hear that this has actually been created and may I say it has been done very nicely indeed. The site is extremely professionally created and it is extremely easy to verify all the badges that one needs. 

Think about how nice it would be to advertise on gumtree and people can trust that the person they are speaking to actually exists in the real world. With all the scams that abound it would be even nicer to know that when you go to buy something on OLX that you are talking to some real person that has been validated and actually exists in the real world.

I cant wait for the day that I dont need to show my whole pedigree to the bank manager in order to verify who I am. He can just use my link and figure out that I am who I say I am. That will probably be the most challenging thing to verify with this system.

So I hope that you go and take a look at this site and check out the benefits we can all have if we get verified. I also know of course that we all hate our privacy being abused and this might be another way in which our privacy gets abused but in theory I love the idea.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OPTIMIM.INFO - Online Project Management System

OPTIMIM.INFO - Online Project Management System

OPTIMIM stands for : Click here to go to OPTIMIM.INFO
Online Project management
Management Information http://optimim.info/images/onlineprojectmanagement1.png
Information Management

OPTIMIM is a product that I have created over the last two years while working for KWCE who was working with Dark Fiber Africa - DFA. As there engineer that would apply for wayleaves and do designs etc we had a lot of projects running simultaneously. This meant that it was hard to keep track of the projects and so OPTIMIM was born. It made it so much easier to now handle hundreds of projects.

The simple dashboard system gives a quick overview of the status of various deliverables for the project and the Gantt chart allows for full on project management. 

There is a document repository which allows user to email docuementation, photos and certificates etc to the system and it automatically gets filed into correct projects and categories. Once emailed the document also enters an audit trail which noted when documentation was entered allowing for full transparency by all parties involved in the project. It is based on a term I learned while building a Command and Control system while in the Netherlands. The term used is COP - Common Operational Picture meaning everyone gets to see relevant data when needed. It raises situational awareness and allows for problems to be sorted out as they arise instead of later when they really can cause major headaches. 

We have managed many projects with our clients over the last year and it has helped to eliminate a lot of the headaches that usually arise. The main thing is that everybody gets to see data timeously which causes discussions to happen when data is seen instead of later after having hidden issues for a month or two.

Using NFC and QRcodes makes it a lot easier for contractors to update status changes in their projects. Using a smartphone the contractor points towards the QRCode or even an NFC tag which is encoded with the correct URL and then gets a dropdown box where the status of a deliverable can be changed. As easy as that. No fuss. No hassles. Photos taken at site or documentation such as certificates are easily mailed to the system and automatically filed for later searches etc.

Here are a few leaflets describing the major points of our system. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

IXXO - Multi Vendor Shopping Cart - Excellent product

I had an online demonstration yesterday with the developers of the IXXO Multi Vendor Shopping Cart. Firstly I was surprised that they took the time to give ma an online guided demo of their product. It was great to hear their enthusiasm for the cart however it was even greater to see first hand the most amazing details within the cart and site.

At a prearranged time I was given a URL to share the developers screen and we chatted on skype. He explained all the features of the shopping cart. While evaluating a product it is the most difficult thing to download a tool and then try to figure it out on your own. This is a great way to evaluate a product BUT I can tell you firsthand it is even better being taken through the tool with the developer showing all the features.

They answered every one of my questions to my satisfaction. The most amazing concept that their cart has over any other cart was the Paypal Adaptive Payment system that has been integrated into their cart. Amazing how all the payments headaches will vanish when using the right solution.

I am extremely impressed by their shopping cart solution. They have a stand alone version which is responsive for mobile phones and tablets as well as a joomla version which will catch up on the responsive side by August 2013. It is an impressive cart that will give you the most flexibility that I have not seen in many other carts.

As far as I am concerned, it is the most impressive Multi Vendor Responsive Shopping cart out there in the price range that is affordable to the average Joe setting up a shop.

Thanks for the demo guys.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

One liners that speak volumes - Twitter feeds and those one liners that mean something to me

I love following guys like Seth Godin, Zig Ziglar and other people that say something of substance. The insight they have is amazing. They see things from a different perspective always. Seth Godin has an amazing blog that I subscribe to and you can read it at http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

One of the other people's tweets I love to read are those of my dad Sydney Weber, He has a knack of seeing things in a different light than most people. If you would like some insight into many topics such as love, friends etc than you can follow him at https://twitter.com/skwebers
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Chris Anderson - The long tail Why the Future of business is selling less of more

This was an excellent book to read. Quite compelling and most definitely food for thought. This book gives me, as internet entrepreneur, the reason behind why my tny book written by an obscure person from nowhere sold at least 100 copies in the last year. It is beyond comprehension that with such little effort on my part, almost no effort whatsoever, I could manage to even get one person to purchase my book.

Without the long tail and specifically the long tail filters such as amazon, google and all the myriad of other search engines that each have their own algorithms for creating views into the long tail products, I would never have sold one book.

Get this book, and read it. If you are doing any sort of internet business then this book is a must read as it shows you why it is that your book can sell. Even if you are a no name writer or even if this is the first music or song you have ever recorded, the chances are excellent that you will sell some of your art online.

The FILTER is the answer and this is the secret to all this online selling.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding photographer in Durbanville, Capetown

My wife and I were married for 1 year on the 14 April 2013 and I was looking back at some of our memories over the last year and with great shock realized that I had never taken the time to write about our dear friends Daneel and Karen Herselman for Karen Herselman photography in Durbanville, that took our beautiful photos on our very special day.

Karen and Daneel were kind enough to take our photos for our wedding as part of our wedding gift and I just wanted to thank them (belated thanks of course) for doing us such a great service. We look back on our wedding with great joy every time we open that special box of memories that was so lovingly given to us.

Here are a few of our photos if you are interested, and if you are having a wedding and need a photographer anywhere in the Western Cape and environs such as Durbanville, Bellville, Cape Town etc then please feel free to give Karen Herselman a call. I recommend her for her work. Her photos and her ideas for poses that she took are stunning.

Feel free to call Karen Herselman Photography at 073-2202307 or visit her website at http://karenherselmanphotography.co.za/

Monday, March 18, 2013

Snapbill.com - really easy to use invoicing system

Flexible recurring billing made easy.
Powerful cloud-based billing system for any business.
Online invoicing

I have been fortunate to have been able to use Snapbill for the last year as an online invoicing platform. I say fortunate because it is one of the few companies I have worked with online that supply the service that they do. There tech support was second to none. If I emailed them someone came back to me virtually instantly and tried to help me. They even helped integrate some stuff for me and gave me examples which helped me along the way with the integration of their service right into my site. They are truly an amazing service.

Really cheap to use and worth every cent.

When you need to use an invoicing system that is integrated right into your backend system of your site I would suggest giving the guys and gals at Snapbill.com a trial run. I am 100% sure that you will be very glad you did as they give the most excellent service I have received online till today.

You can try it for free today by going to this link



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

·         Our company offers a unique, Professional Anti-Slip Treatment, suitable for most hard surfaces

·         Our product is called IntellaTread and has been on the South African Market for 10 years

·         IntellaTread is a unique and secret 8 compound formula that is a treatment and NOT a surface coating;  a chemical process that increases the coefficient of friction on a tile floor or a porcelain bathtub

·         IntellaTread is not a surface coating and cannot discolour, deteriorate or peel  

·         IntellaTread can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, granite, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock, concrete, quarry tile etc.

·         When surfaces become wet or moist, those surfaces are automatically skid and slip resistant, when treated with IntellaTread

·         The SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) for the surface treated with our product is above 0.50

o   As adopted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)

§  .60 or above       -              Very Safe

§  .50 to .59              -              Relatively Safe

§  .40 to .49              -              Dangerous

§  .35 to .39              -              Very Dangerous

§  .00 to .34              -              Highly Dangerous

o   The Ceramic Tile Institute identifies tile in three categories:

§  .60 or above       -              Slip Resistant

§  .50 to .59              -              Conditionally Slip Resistant

§  Less than .50      -              Dangerous

·         We offer a 2-5 year Guarantee on our product -  baths & showers a Lifetime Guarantee


Our Product  is being used by the following companies in the USA, amongst others:

·           American Express                            . IBM

·           Disneyworld                                       . Kodak

·           GM Corp.                                            . McDonald’s

·           Hewlett Packard                               . Motorola

·           Holiday Inn                                         . Rolex

·           Sheraton Hotels                               . 7-Eleven

·           LaQuinta Hotels                                . Sony

·           Woolworth Company                     . Toyota

Here are some local testimonials:

“ We would like to thank you for your time and demonstration of your product. The “slippery when wet” tiles are a thing of the past and it has turned what I thought would be a

nightmarish problem into a thing of the past!

Dave Hooey, Murray & Roberts, IntellaTread Application to Mr. Nelson Mandela’s House

“ After endless problems with customers slipping in the shop due to water dripping from the aircon and during rainy days, we decided to apply IntellaTread. I can honestly

say that this product is of very high quality and can be recommended to anybody in industry. We have had no incidents of customers slipping after IntellaTread has been


Manager, La Lucia Engen Service Station.

“ We have just had IntellaTread applied to risk areas of the Bantry Bay Resort. I thought it might be appropriate to inform you of our total satisfaction with the

application to-date. The efficient and professional manner in which the work was carried out whilst normal operations continued was most welcome. Many of our

guests have already noted the improved non-slip areas where IntellaTread was applied.”

General Manager, Bantry Bay International Vacation Resort.

“ Just a short note to thank you for the professional service and results which you delivered in slip - proofing my tiles. Your product has provided us with incredible

peace of mind as we no longer have to worry about little Sabrina slipping on tiles when running between the swimming pool and the sundeck.”

Attorney Gary Van Wyk, Heads Brown & Van Wyk.

“ We have two types of tiles in our hospital. The one was extremely slippery when wet. We use a lot of water for cleaning. This made the floors very dangerous for our

staff and other people. We wanted to replace these tiles with non-slip tiles. After treatment with IntellaTread the wet tiles are safe to walk on. This saved us replacing the

slippery tiles, I can recommend this treatment as very successful.”

Raad de Waal, Blue Cross Vet Hospital.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous difference you made on our flooring using your IntellaTread product. We are more than pleased with the

results, our floors are now no longer slippery when wet.”

BP - Rosemead.

“I certify that Royal Cape have had their showers treated by IntellaTread and are well satisfied with the non-slip texture and results achieved.”

General Manager, Royal Cape Golf Club.

We will appreciate you considering us for a demo and future business.
Kind regards,

Rehan Celliers                        
Anti-Slip When Wet Specialists

Managing Director                             
Tel:       +27 87 230 5893       

Cell:      +27 81 332 6057                  
Fax:      +27 86 618 0172       


Monday, July 2, 2012
A J Mantel (paintings)

My grandfather A J Mantel was an artist who painted in watercolors (mostly anyway). As a child I watched many hours as he sat quietly first drawing and then painting his masterpieces. I was always fascinated by the skill that he displayed in mixing the colors and ensuring that whatever he was painting turned out to look like a photograph.

I remember clear as daylight him telling me that he considered himself first and foremost as a painter and not an artist. He considered an artist to be someone who could create a drawing or painting from within his mind, whereas A J Mantel would copy some postage stamp or postcard or picture and then turn it into a larger precise color copy.

As children some of my siblings must have gotten a lot closer to him than I ever did as his "artiness" rubbed off on them. They also managed to make beautiful paintings and even in my grandfathers time I remember my sister Marisa Nel (Weber) being one of his favourites as she managed to do almost naturally what he took many years to master. Marisa also made a few beautiful paintings but alas hung up her brushes and palette along time ago when she became a mother. One day I am hoping she will have time to be more creative again and paint some more for us.

Sydney Keith Weber (my father) also has some paintings that he can boast with as well as Sydney's sister Dorothy Klatter (Weber).

In honour of my grandfather A J Mantel I have created a site where people who have paintings that he made can place them online for the enjoyment of the family as well as create some sort of line of history of some of his paintings. Many of them were sold to clients and I remember some went to a gallery near East London where my grandfather lived for as long as I can remember him.

On the site I have allowed for the other family members to also portray some of their paintings. As many of my friends know, I got married in April 2012 to Hannah Brandt Weber (J S van Eck) and she also seems to have the knack for the oil canvas. So you will also her paintings on the site. Ofcourse as her husband I am probably biased towards her a teeny bit - lol.

I hope that the many people who have A J Mantel paintings will join our site and place high quality images of my grandfathers paintings on the site so that we may preserve them for the future and for our grandchildren to also admire what their great grandfather had accomplished.

- johnkweber 2012

A J Mantel
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crowdfunding - The next wave

It was amazing to watch Pebble come to life with the crowdfunding model as viewed by KickStarter

Never before have I been more excited than seeing those Dollars climb past the $10 000 000 mark. These guys have a product that the world believes in and this is where I think the turning point starts for funding a project. With Venture Capitalists starting to diversify by investing in multiple small investments instead of going all out in one large project and investment, this seems to mark the beginning of a new way of getting funding for your homegrown project.

Here is a list of a few crowdfunding sites to get your project kickstarted.


But the post that kickstarted this article was at http://www.kickstarter.com - Pebble epaper watch

- johnkweber

Friday, January 6, 2012
Open Source DragonFly II STM32 ARM MCU

Click here to go to http://dragonflymcu.com

Evaluation board.

Click here to view the User Manual for the DragonFly II

With example code compiled on CooCox

• STM32F103RBT6 Arm Cortex MCU @ 72 MHz.
• On Chip RTC With Battery.
• 3 USARTS ( Com Ports ), COM1 can be TTL or RS232.
• Boot Mode selectable.
• Can be programmed through SWD 3 wire interface or via COM1 RS232.
• Many available I/O port bits including ADC Channels, CAN bus etc.
• Power supply can be 3.3V without onboard regulator or with onboard regulator input must
 be between 5V to 7V.
• Micro SD Card for data storage.
• 2 row 20 pin connector with standard 2.54mm spacing pins ( 40 pin socket ).
• Supplied with source code examples including working example of FAT FS in C.
• All examples compiled with free CooCox IDE with CodeSourcery.

The DragonFly MCU is one of the few small 40 pin DIP socket STM32 MCU modules that has an
onboard micro SD socket.

There is a wealth of information on the internet about the STMicroelectronics www.st.com/stm32/

This powerful yet cheap 32 bit microcontroller can be used in many applications from control to data

The DragonFly MCU is intended to be an easy start for beginners or hobbyist but the module can also
be incorporated into a user end product.

CooCox with Code Sourcery was chosen as it is completely free and easy to use for beginners to get
started using the STM32.

Several complete C code examples are supplied with the module that can be imported and compiled
with CoIDE out of the box and run as is or modified by the user.
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Guest house - Caledon23 - George

I rarely promote a guest house even though I go regularly to them. I love just going out and spoiling myself and my partner every now and then and what better way than to go relax at a guest house where everything gets done for you. After the running around of the week there is a need to just relax and enjoy.

This December I had the good fortune to hit the road and just see where it takes us. It was great. NO planned stays anywhere. SO there was also no reason to rush anywhere. Everyone said we were mad to just go on the whim and yet we found places to stay even though December is a peak season. We ended up being referred to a guest house that had just been started by a lovely couple. Hendrik and Linda Aucamp.

Man what a pleasure. Hendrik is a builder and I think he spared no expense to make the place beautiful. He really went to town and as he says, "Why skimp on the little things since they are the things everyone notices." For the very first time in about 20 years I woke up feeling refreshed and without any stiff or sore back. I now realise the importance of an awesome bed. We tend to spend so much time in our beds yet we skimp on the one thing we really should splurge on.

I am really happy to recommend Caledon23 Guest house in George. Situated in Caledon street number 23 (the place to be apparently in George) it was a stay to remember. Hendrik and Linda are a really friendly and outgoing couple and I know that you will enjoy your stay there.

OH - and the best thing is the price. For a guest house that has all the finery that they have I was expecting to pay a fortune. However the price is almost the most attractive item. At under R800 for a couple bed and breakfast included it was amazing.

If you are ever in the neck of the woods in George, go look up Hendrik and Linda Aucamp at Caledon23 Geust house. You wont be sorry. -

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shark Cage diving - try it for a "rush" second to none

Try it for the "rush" of a lifetime


Welcome to Africa Shark Dive Safaris:

Great White Shark cage diving in Gansbaai South Africa is a total holiday destination, full of exciting and interesting things to do...

Africa Shark Dive Safaris offer you a wide selection of tours and safari experiences in South Africa.

Our selection of tours include white shark cage diving, white shark breaching, whale watching and shark diving throughout South Africa, Big Five wildlife safaris, trips in and around Cape Town and a tour of the Garden Route. We also offer aerial tours between Cape Town and Gansbaai as well as fly-in packages to Mozambique.

Our latest tour additions include Kayak trips, Cave excursions & cruises in and around Gansbaai. Our cruises include sunset cruises, boat cruises, Dyer Island boat cruise and exclusive trips. We also offer fishing trips and quadbiking tours in and around Gansbaai.

Africa Shark Dive Safaris is an Adventure and Accommodation Centre with a professional team that will, as a booking agent, guarantee to make your holiday in South Africa an unforgettable one.

Our main focus is shark cage diving and knowing that it will be difficult for you to choose between 8 different shark cage operators in Gansbaai, we will make your decision easy and book your trip with only the best operators that maintain the highest standards in the handling of sharks and also giving you quality and personalized attention.

Africa Shark Dive Safaris would like to make your holiday trip to South Africa hassle free - Our commitment to you is "An Experience of a Lifetime"

Try it for the "rush" of a lifetime

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kruger National Park - People live there also - Captain John William Joseph Newman

Purchase this kindle book here

For a hardcopy book you may email : captainnewman@gmail.com (author)

Dr. U “Tol” de Wet Pienaar.
Former; Chief Director, South African National Parks Board.
Many people contribute their efforts towards the running of a successful National Parks Service. This is equally so with Provincial Parks and similar organisations. All those who live and work for the betterment of the environment or the education and the well being of visitors, play a vital and important role towards those ideals.
This book is a light hearted rendition of incidents that occurred during John’s service, for both the National Parks and the Provincial Parks service, for which he was, both contracted frequently or fully employed.
The National Parks employ Scientist, Technicians, Rangers, Engineers, Mechanics, Restaurateurs, Retailers, Administrators and Stores Controllers. People working in the parks service that come from every walk of life, those who are making their contribution tirelessly.
John was with the National Parks Aviation division, serving a multiplicity of roles and his stories expose his specific experiences that happened in his daily activity, of which some I was involved personally.
It is therefore true, besides all the animal species in the National Parks............. People live there also.

I met John Newman a few years ago and from the very first meeting, I realised that he has amazing skills and talents. While working and using these diverse skills and talents the stories he has collected are now something we can read and enjoy.

This book is a hilarious look into his amazing past, telling of just one or two of the jobs he has been fortunate to do throughout his life. His dedication to the tasks he tackles shows up in the fact that he piloted aircraft and helicopters in the Kruger National Park. We as the reader now get to read of his extraordinary experiences whilst working as a pilot in the KNP.

After having heard all these stories related to me first hand by John, I just knew that they had to be written down, so that others could end up reading them and enjoy them as much as I did hearing them.

John is the type of person who wakes up virtually every day with a new idea that has never been expanded upon before. It truly is amazing how he is just fortunate in that department. I have come to appreciate him for his unique problem solving skills and I also know that we will be seeing a few more books coming from John’s pen as he has many ideas he must still share with the rest of the world

- John K Weber