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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ThisIsMe.com - Now people can verify who you really are

I had an idea around 5 years ago in which I speculated how nice it would be to be able to go to a bank or any other institution and instead of having to fork out my ID or having to fax any of my personal docs such as utility bills etc in order to verify who I am.

I was rather surprised the other day to hear that this has actually been created and may I say it has been done very nicely indeed. The site is extremely professionally created and it is extremely easy to verify all the badges that one needs. 

Think about how nice it would be to advertise on gumtree and people can trust that the person they are speaking to actually exists in the real world. With all the scams that abound it would be even nicer to know that when you go to buy something on OLX that you are talking to some real person that has been validated and actually exists in the real world.

I cant wait for the day that I dont need to show my whole pedigree to the bank manager in order to verify who I am. He can just use my link and figure out that I am who I say I am. That will probably be the most challenging thing to verify with this system.

So I hope that you go and take a look at this site and check out the benefits we can all have if we get verified. I also know of course that we all hate our privacy being abused and this might be another way in which our privacy gets abused but in theory I love the idea.