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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OPTIMIM.INFO - Online Project Management System

OPTIMIM.INFO - Online Project Management System

OPTIMIM stands for : Click here to go to OPTIMIM.INFO
Online Project management
Management Information http://optimim.info/images/onlineprojectmanagement1.png
Information Management

OPTIMIM is a product that I have created over the last two years while working for KWCE who was working with Dark Fiber Africa - DFA. As there engineer that would apply for wayleaves and do designs etc we had a lot of projects running simultaneously. This meant that it was hard to keep track of the projects and so OPTIMIM was born. It made it so much easier to now handle hundreds of projects.

The simple dashboard system gives a quick overview of the status of various deliverables for the project and the Gantt chart allows for full on project management. 

There is a document repository which allows user to email docuementation, photos and certificates etc to the system and it automatically gets filed into correct projects and categories. Once emailed the document also enters an audit trail which noted when documentation was entered allowing for full transparency by all parties involved in the project. It is based on a term I learned while building a Command and Control system while in the Netherlands. The term used is COP - Common Operational Picture meaning everyone gets to see relevant data when needed. It raises situational awareness and allows for problems to be sorted out as they arise instead of later when they really can cause major headaches. 

We have managed many projects with our clients over the last year and it has helped to eliminate a lot of the headaches that usually arise. The main thing is that everybody gets to see data timeously which causes discussions to happen when data is seen instead of later after having hidden issues for a month or two.

Using NFC and QRcodes makes it a lot easier for contractors to update status changes in their projects. Using a smartphone the contractor points towards the QRCode or even an NFC tag which is encoded with the correct URL and then gets a dropdown box where the status of a deliverable can be changed. As easy as that. No fuss. No hassles. Photos taken at site or documentation such as certificates are easily mailed to the system and automatically filed for later searches etc.

Here are a few leaflets describing the major points of our system.