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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Create a Website Like Udemy And Sell Your Courses Online

Mathew Tamin is an instructor at UDemy This is an online academy where you can create courses or learn from courses.

I recently joined up and thought I would give it a go. I have been using Joomla for many years now and I thought I knew quite a lot about the power of Joomla. WOW, amazing I start this course as it caught my eye and I was totally amazed at the power of Joomla components. Mathew takes you through every single step of creating your own online school or academy just like UDemy.

Totally amazing. It was a concise course but it told me every single step on how to create my own online school. This is totally amazing that with a small nominal fee I have learned a skill that enables me to start a business today already. It is so easy to use and the cool component that they use allows you to do absolutely no coding and go form zero to hero within 3 hours.

Creating templates can be tricky but after this course it is a snap. Mathew teaches you how to integrate a new template that allows you to change attributes in the template without a single bit of coding. I was totally amazed. 

Go ahead, take a course at UDemy. Hundreds of thousands of course will astound you and take your skill up a notch.

To take your first course click here! 
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