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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Priceisright.co.za is a free service aimed at stretching the South African Rand for Joe Public. All too often I hear "There is just too much month left after my salary" and it is getting to be more true every month. Costs of groceries increasing every month.

This is the perception out there and I have decided to do a test and to measure this exact growth per month on my grocery bill. The site currently just shows a few lists of prices that have been taken from various sources online. However the idea is actually that the visitors to the site actually grow the list of prices and shops organically. We do have people out there checking prices and getting shopping lists but it will take a bit of time to get the site to have a good list of prices throughout the range of suburbs and shops in South Africa.

The future development of the site will allow the visitot to the site to create his or her own shoppinbg list and then get a feeling of how much the groceries would cost if purchased from Store A compared to Store B maybe.

This comparison can actually take a considerable amount of money off your end grocery bill and if the prices are updated by the visitors to the site when they purchase their own list of groceries, very soon it will be a very useful service.

The site has been created by the owners of TAGGA - Proactive Searchable Stolen Goods Serial Database and is a FREE service as is TAGGA.

Please let us know what you think about this great idea. Lend a hand to make it a successful service please.

Here is a link to an interview held by HandyTechTipper regarding Priceisright.co.za