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Friday, April 30, 2010

Poem I wrote about my life 6 years ago

Around 6 years ago I was in the Netherlands still and had lived and worked there for 5 years or so. I had a great time but there were things that got to me as I wrote about in the book which is also on this blog at Living in Europe sucks.

As I was laying on my bed one night it was in the
sweltering heat so I opened up the window and was just
looking out into the dark thinking about the future
when this came to mind. It must have been weighing
heavily on my mind that night because since then I have
thought about anything again with such intensity. (well
enough intensity to write a poem about it)

I am sitting at my window,
looking out into the night.
My heart is filled with fear,
as I contemplate my plight.

My future is the trouble,
the present is a blast,
my major problem now is,
I am longing for my past.

A fantastic paying job,
I am living in a bubble,
the only problem that I feel,
my past is still my trouble.

There are three in this equation,
my small child and my wife,
and of course there's me,
as I contemplate my life.

After long deliberation,
I come to some conclusions,
I realise that my future,
must be my past without illusions.

So now I have decided,
just what I will do next,
forget the past, embrace the future
and start by finishing off this text.