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Monday, July 2, 2012
A J Mantel (paintings)

My grandfather A J Mantel was an artist who painted in watercolors (mostly anyway). As a child I watched many hours as he sat quietly first drawing and then painting his masterpieces. I was always fascinated by the skill that he displayed in mixing the colors and ensuring that whatever he was painting turned out to look like a photograph.

I remember clear as daylight him telling me that he considered himself first and foremost as a painter and not an artist. He considered an artist to be someone who could create a drawing or painting from within his mind, whereas A J Mantel would copy some postage stamp or postcard or picture and then turn it into a larger precise color copy.

As children some of my siblings must have gotten a lot closer to him than I ever did as his "artiness" rubbed off on them. They also managed to make beautiful paintings and even in my grandfathers time I remember my sister Marisa Nel (Weber) being one of his favourites as she managed to do almost naturally what he took many years to master. Marisa also made a few beautiful paintings but alas hung up her brushes and palette along time ago when she became a mother. One day I am hoping she will have time to be more creative again and paint some more for us.

Sydney Keith Weber (my father) also has some paintings that he can boast with as well as Sydney's sister Dorothy Klatter (Weber).

In honour of my grandfather A J Mantel I have created a site where people who have paintings that he made can place them online for the enjoyment of the family as well as create some sort of line of history of some of his paintings. Many of them were sold to clients and I remember some went to a gallery near East London where my grandfather lived for as long as I can remember him.

On the site I have allowed for the other family members to also portray some of their paintings. As many of my friends know, I got married in April 2012 to Hannah Brandt Weber (J S van Eck) and she also seems to have the knack for the oil canvas. So you will also her paintings on the site. Ofcourse as her husband I am probably biased towards her a teeny bit - lol.

I hope that the many people who have A J Mantel paintings will join our site and place high quality images of my grandfathers paintings on the site so that we may preserve them for the future and for our grandchildren to also admire what their great grandfather had accomplished.

- johnkweber 2012

A J Mantel