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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Chris Anderson - The long tail Why the Future of business is selling less of more

This was an excellent book to read. Quite compelling and most definitely food for thought. This book gives me, as internet entrepreneur, the reason behind why my tny book written by an obscure person from nowhere sold at least 100 copies in the last year. It is beyond comprehension that with such little effort on my part, almost no effort whatsoever, I could manage to even get one person to purchase my book.

Without the long tail and specifically the long tail filters such as amazon, google and all the myriad of other search engines that each have their own algorithms for creating views into the long tail products, I would never have sold one book.

Get this book, and read it. If you are doing any sort of internet business then this book is a must read as it shows you why it is that your book can sell. Even if you are a no name writer or even if this is the first music or song you have ever recorded, the chances are excellent that you will sell some of your art online.

The FILTER is the answer and this is the secret to all this online selling.