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Monday, November 5, 2007

Facebook - The bain or the inspiration of our lives

For the last few weeks now I have come across a multitude of people saying that they have had enough of Facebook. Well my sentiment so far is that they have probably just spent half their year on it and that is why they feel that way. There is a million things to do on Facebook. That does not mean that you have to do them all.

As soons as you have raced away all the races allowable in an app like petrolheads then maybe it is going a little too far. Specially if you should happen to do this as part of your ritual every night or day. These apps will keep you busy and drive you insane.

Now for what I actually wrote this article for.

When you have an application such as Facebook in front of you, the only thing I as a programmer can think, is why the hell did I not think of it. It is certainly one of the most exciting advents of the century so far. Imagine having millions of eyes on your cyber estate every day. It must be the fastest money spinner ever.

If it is the last thing I do, it will be to write an app on Facebook. My thoughts are whether the app could attract so many people that it could make a difference to my bank balance. I guess if I come up with the right concept then just maybe it could.

I think Facebook has enourmous potential and therefore I am all for it still. I reserve my judgement but so far I love it.