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Monday, January 26, 2009

TAGGA - Proactive Searchable Stolen Goods Database - Linking to sites such as Crimex amongst others

One of the best things about listing your stolen items on http://tagga.co.za is that the item becomes searchable under google search engine. Due to the way that the TAGGA site has been created the stolen goods become searchable under google.com

SO if you for instance entered your serial number such as I have done on some of my stolen items such as the IMEI of my phone, 353659014407270 If you use this IMEI number to search in google you will see that it points back to the TAGGA site. This way you have a much better chance of people finding your stolen goods.

The other nice feature is that your item is becoming searchable in a host of other programs and websites that we link to. We provide a daily dump of all the stolen goods in our system which other programs or websites can include in their sites or maybe imnport the list of stolen goods into their programs. Programs such as Pawnboss, http://www.crimex.co.za and others as we start forming links and associations with them. This way your items have a better chance of being found than if it were on TAGGA alone.

So now Second hand goods dealers really dont have an excuse as they can now even search google for the serial numbers of the items that they are buying in as stock from the street. They have really got no way that they can now say that they were unaware that the items were stolen. Maybe now we can start seeing a difference in the way crime is being dealt with on the street.

No buyers means no market, means less theft.

Link to TAGGA